Latest Exhibition: Oct 2017, see below
Uniendo the Past with artist, Tere Casas.

Karen is a born and raised Californian. While she has lived up and down the entire coast of California, she landed in the SF Bay Area, despite her love/hate relationship with the Bay Area fog.  When not painting in her home studio during the day or formulating the next composition in the middle of the night, her time is spent with her husband, three young children, faithful dog and potentially evil cat. 

Karen's earlier professional years were spent as a graphic designer in some of the largest names in the tech industry. A re-discovery of self truth drew her back to her passion in fine art. Her latest pieces have been gaining momentum in the world of interior design through notable auctions and word of mouth. 

Artistic studies: UC Berkeley, UCSB and ULCA in variety of disciplines including figure drawing, oil painting, acrylics, and watercolors.

Recent Award: Best in Show -SAL 5th juried regional show

Uniendo the Past at The Laundry in SF