My artistic studies started with a discovery of my ability to accurately portray representational subject matter. However, I have recently found freedom in combining it with abstraction.  My mediums vary from oil to acrylic combined with wax and sand, creating an impasto quality. 

With a love of the gestural beauty that the mediums can take on themselves, my paintings explore the past and future of the soul through color and texture. Using palette knives, brushes and sometimes unconventional tools, I use the paint as a 3 dimensional material.  I have found a twofold direction in my work, embracing abstract improvisation as well as using unbridled color in intentional human forms. My need to unleash untested concepts of the mind combined with a free-flowing intuition in use of color drive each of my paintings.

Recent Events and Activity

Works showing at American Art Gallery
in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Upcoming Exhibition 2018:
Oct 13 & 14th with ARTSPAN Open Studios at JAX Wine Tasting Room in SOMA, details to come

Past Events:

Summer 2018, ARTSPAN SFOS finalist and feature spread

Spring 2018, Parca serving people with disabilities and their families, art auction

Spring 2018, Lymelight's Dart for Art, artist participant

Spring/Early summer 2018, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art Brushstrokes juried competition, finalist and exhibition

Winter 2018 Silent art auction benefitting Laurel Elementary School

Winter 2018 Silent art auction PTS fundraiser

Fall 2017, "Uniendo the Past" Exhibition with artist, Tere Casas at The Laundry in the SF Mission district
see event photos below

Fall 2017 Haggin Museum's SAL 5th juried regional show, awarded Best in Show

Spring 2017, Parca, serving people with disabilities and their families, art auction

Artistic studies: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCSB and ULCA in variety of disciplines including theory, figure drawing, oil painting, acrylics, and watercolors.


"Uniendo the Past" Exhibition at The Laundry in the SF Mission district